More Arya and Gendry! This one is complete fluff. Enjoy!

It was late when Arya arrived. She hurried through the door and slammed it shut behind her. Gendry sat in bed, his eyes half closed and a candle burning beside his bed.

Arya grinned and dumped her bag on the floor hurriedly. She crawled across the sheets and into his lap, straddling his hips.

“Hello.” Gendry laughed, wrapping two hands around her waist. Arya kissed him with a smile in the corner of her mouth. Suddenly, she pulled away and leaned over the side of the bed.

“Wait.” She grabbed her bag and dumped it into her lap. “I brought food.”

Gendry chuckled again as she reached for a yellow pear, biting into it.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Juice ran down her chin. “I just can’t stop eating. I’m so hungry all the time.” Arya offered the pear to Gendry, who took a small bite. He reached up and gently unlaced the front of her tunic.

“Can I see again?” He whispered softly. Arya nodded slowly and pulled the fabric over her head. Gendry sighed quietly and ran one finger  down the skin of her bare side. He rested a hand on the small bump of her stomach. With both hands, he encircled it.

“Have you told anyone yet?” He asked. Arya sighed and shook her head reluctantly.

“Why not?” He whispered. “They’re going to find out eventually. You can’t hide it forever, Arya.”

She chewed her lip anxiously and climbed off him to lie on the bed beside him. From the side, Gendry could see the bulge of her stomach even more clearly.

“I’m sorry.” He said. “I didn’t mean to sound angry.” He kissed her bellybutton and felt Arya shiver underneath him as he brushed his lips across her skin from hips to breast. When he turned to look at her, resting his chin on her chest, she smiled and stroked his hair tenderly.

“I only meant it for your sake.” Gendry continued. “You should tell them soon, or they’ll be angry when they find out.” Arya met his gaze and then nodded slowly.

“You’re right.” She admitted. “I should tell them.”


That’s right folks, it’s two in one tonight. I’m on a role. I just found this in my old notebook and felt like posting it. Also just wanted y’all to know that I’ve posted all of this on my account

You guys owe me one. I’m expecting some excellent Gendry x Arya fluff to drown in this week.

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